Hyo Jeong Late Summer Workshop

Monday 6th to Friday 10th September from 5:30–8pm BST

Online Workshop presented by the Nordic Staff Team

Last winter, we decided to organize the traditional Nordic Winter Workshop through an online format. It was a very exciting time and we got so much good feedback that we wanted to have a follow-up. Therefore, we are happy to present the Hyo Jeong late Summer Workshop!

This workshop will also take place online starting from September 6th until the 10th, so make sure to reserve those dates! The concept is to have sessions each evening from 17:30 to 20:00 BST (18:30 to 21:00 CET) with extra activities afterward. The target group is young members aged 18+ from our movement.

We have chosen a very relevant topic, following our True Mother’s guidance in this era: BUILDING COMMUNITIES. The purpose of this workshop is to help young adults take responsibility in their communities and continue the legacy of our True Parents and Heavenly Parent. You can look forward to hearing deep testimonies and guidance from elder and young members, who have offered their time and energy in building communities. There will be an opportunity for you to interact with the other participants through discussions in your team and other forums. We will also have questions and answers after each session for the speakers, so come prepared!

More info will be coming soon. Until then, take care and have a nice summer! Don’t hesitate to join our Facebook group, where we will share further information.

Registration Deadline: Tuesday 31st August

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