Hyojeong CheonBo EUME Special Events in 2022

*Reminder of CheonBo Donations Policy for UK Members* – 12/4/22

In order to simplify the process of collecting donations, all CheonBo donations and registration fees should be sent directly to the EUME HQ rather than to FFWPU UK HQ.. This will include donations for ancestor liberation & blessing and HJ offering papers, as well as donations related to registering as CheonBo Victor Couples.

The CheonBo EUME Branch will continue to organise Special Events every month to offer the grace of CheonBo to everyone. When you want to register for any of these future Special Events, please send your donations and registration fees to the EUME HQ.

The next CheonBo EUME Special Events in 2022 will be held simultaneously in multiple countries throughout the EUME region. They will be 1-Day Events comprised of only the Ancestor Liberation and Ancestor Blessing Ceremonies. We will not be conducting the Hyojeong Offering Ceremony for the Inheritance of Heavenly Fortune (Hyojeong Offering Paper Melting Ceremony) at this time.

There will not be a live stream of the events. A limited number of members from the Region will attend on behalf of those who register for Ancestor Liberation, Ancestor Blessing, Collateral Liberation and Collateral Blessing of Married Spirits, etc. Therefore, members will not need to be present at the venue to do Ancestor Liberation, Ancestor Blessing, Collateral Liberation, Hyojeong Offering Papers, etc.

Kindly note that the references for donations has been updated as of May 2022 (see bottom of article or Appendix A in memo).

For more details and how to apply, please see below.

Planned Schedule of CheonBo EUME
Events in 2022

This schedule is tentative and might change throughout the year.

1) 22nd January 2022

  • Registration deadline (including HJ Offering Papers and registration fee) for UK members – 30th December 2021

2) 5th March

  • Registration deadline (including HJ Offering Papers and registration fee) – 23rd February

3) 7th May

  • Registration deadline (including HJ Offering Papers and registration fee) – 27th April

4) 4th June

  • Registration deadline (including HJ Offering Papers and registration fee) – 25th May

5) 2nd July

  • Registration deadline (including HJ Offering Papers and registration fee) – 22nd June

6) 3rd September

  • Registration deadline (including HJ Offering Papers and registration fee) – 24th August

7) 12th November

  • Registration deadline (including HJ Offering Papers and registration fee) – 2nd November

8) 10th December

  • Registration deadline (including HJ Offering Papers and registration fee) – 30th November

If these dates are not suitable for you, please remember that you also have the possibility to apply for your ancestor’s Liberation and Blessing through the Main Training Center in Korea.


Information on the Extension of the Special Grace for Applying for the Liberation and Blessing of 430 Generations of Ancestors

Regarding the Special Grace period for applying for the liberation and Blessing of 430 generations of ancestors, which was originally scheduled to conclude at the 9th anniversary of True Father’s Holy Ascension (August 24th, 2020), True Parents have heard blessed families’ earnest entreaties for an additional extension of the grace period. In consideration of the tireless work and efforts of members during this difficult time, True Parents have granted a further extension of the grace period until the 10th Anniversary of True Father’s Holy Ascension in 2022. After that, the Special Grace will no longer be extended and will return to the original standard.

As in 2021, all members are encouraged to join a branch ceremony in person if it is safe to do so, and through a representative if that is not possible. Despite the difficulties related to the COVID-19 pandemic, we would like to urge all members to take advantage of the special opportunity that is offered by the CheonBo branch providence, and also to note carefully that we are currently in an “extended grace” period that will last up until the 10th Seonghwa Anniversary in 2022.

If during the Special Grace period you have liberated your ancestors until the generations 430, then you will be able to apply for their blessing at any event, even if the official schedule, outside of the special grace period, has not reached this set of generations yet.

Reminder of the process of ancestor liberation and blessing after 210 generations, outside of this Special Grace period: after 210 generations, there is no need to apply for liberation. The descendant only needs to apply for the blessing. When one set of 7 generations is blessed, the next set is automatically liberated and it is possible to apply for its blessing after a period of 100 days (then the next set of 7 generations will automatically be liberated etc…)

Event Information

Registration Fee: 30 Euros

Attendees: Representatives of the EUME Region chosen by the Sub-Regional Presidents according to the situation of the event nations. The representatives will attend on behalf of the members that register for Ancestor Liberation, Ancestor Blessing or Collateral Liberation. Minimum 10 people up to 25 maximum per venue. If the size of the main hall of the venue is big enough to accommodate more than 25 and the local COVID-19 safety guidelines allow you to have more than 25 people in the event hall, the sub-regional president can decide the total number of people for that venue. The venue should be church property, e.g. HQ Building, Community Church Building, Peace Embassy, Training Center, etc.

If 10 people cannot gather due to COVID-19 safety guidelines, please contact us for further information. In the last years, some nations hosted the event with less than 10 people.

If any nation would like to hold a CheonBo event in 2021, please contact the CheonBo Branch through your National Leader.

Top priority must be given to local Covid safety laws, including travel restrictions. No meetings can be held above the permitted size for a gathering. Even then, organizers must make sure that those who do gather can strictly observe all social distancing measures. This may well mean hosting a smaller number gathering than the largest permissible number. Protective masks must be worn at all times.

Those that are sick, vulnerable or shielding should not go to the venue.

Those attending the event at the venue must prepare Blessing robes and a Blessing ring to wear as part of the Ancestor Blessing Ceremony – even if you aren’t blessing your own Ancestors. This is because those present will be representing the members that will be applying for Ancestor Blessing.

Those that apply for Ancestor Liberation, Ancestor Blessing or Collateral Liberation will still need to pay the event registration fee even if they aren’t present at the venue. This will be used for the event expenses. The registration fee is to be sent to the EUME HQ Office. Please send the registration fee before the registration deadline for each event.

The registration fee depends on the sub-region you are living in:

  • North Region: 15 EUR
  • South Region: 15 EUR
  • East Region: 5 EUR
  • West Region: 15 EUR
  • Central Region: 15 EUR
  • Middle-East Region: 10 EUR

Payment Information

Name of Bank: Frankfurter Sparkasse

Bank Address: Frankfurter Sparkasse, Alt-Sossenheim 25, 65936 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Holder: FFWPU-Europe

Holder’s Address: FFWPU-Europe, Nassauerstr. 14, 65795 Hattersheim, Germany

IBAN: DE97 5005 0201 0200 6918 80


Please send EUR only (other currencies are not accepted) and please pay all processing fees for the transfer.

Programme Outline (total length approx. 5hrs)

1. Connection Prayer by Branch President for all event places (Live)

2. Opening Ceremony

> Announcements & Video presentation
> Welcoming Address: Sub-Regional Director or National Leader or Community Leader
> Words of Encouragement: EUME Region President
> Opening Address: Branch President or Cheonshim Won President

3. Ancestor Liberation ceremony with Chanyang Yeoksa session

4. Cheonshim Won Prayer

5. Prayer in the local Prayer Room

6. Break for Changing Clothes

7. Video Presentation

8. Ancestor Blessing ceremony

> Officiator’s Address: President Lee Ki Seong
> Group Photo

9. Closing

10. Greetings by Branch President and EUME Region President (Live)

*The entire programme from the opening ceremony to closing will be conducted via a pre-recorded video*

Graces Available at this Workshop

> Ancestor Liberation
> Ancestor Blessing
> Collateral Liberation
> Collateral Blessing of Married Spirits
> Central Evil Spirit Removal
> Self-Liberation Reservation
> Cleansing of the Fetus of un-born children
> Hyojeong Offering Papers
> Removal of Evil Spirits through Chanyang Yeoksa (only for those present at the venue)

The grace of removal of evil spirits bestowed in the Chanyang Yeoksa session will only be given to the participants present at the venues.

How to Offer Hyojeong Offering Papers

If you would like to offer a Hyojeong Offering Paper at the event, please send the content of your wish (as short as possible) in English to the CheonBo Branch staff: The CheonBo staff will write out the wish and offer it in the prayer room on your behalf. Please send your Hyojeong Offering Paper content and donation before the registration deadline for each event.

For the members present at the venue, we want to give the possibility to offer Hyojeong Offering Papers in person. However, this might not be always possible for every event due to unexpected circumstances. The donation must be given in cash at the venue or via bank transfer to the FFWPU-UK HQ bank account (before the registration deadlines).

Please refer to Appendix A in the official memo or at the bottom of the article for donation amounts. To see which donation group your country is in, see Appendix B in the official memo. If you require help in sending your email in English, please seek help from your local headquarters.

The grace of expunging the record of the past sins of Absolute Good Ancestors is given if a Hyojeong Offering Paper is written with your name and offered and through your participation in the Hyojeong Offering Ceremony for the Inheritance of Heavenly Fortune in person. Because the Hyojeong Offering Ceremony for the Inheritance of Heavenly Fortune will not be held during these events, this grace will not be given. However, we hope you can receive the grace by participating in the ceremony at a later date.

Registration Information

Eligible Countries: All countries in the Europe and the Middle East Region.

Conditions for Ancestor Liberation and Blessing:

1) Liberation

> 21 day condition (50 bows or breakfast fasting). You can apply even if you are in the middle of your conditions.
> Full payment of liberation donation (donation differs by country)
> Members with liberation back payments must complete back payments before doing new liberations. Ancestor Liberation and Blessing must be done in order, starting from 1~7 generations.

2) Blessing

> The ancestors can only be blessed if they have completed the 100 day workshop in the spirit world. (100 days after the liberation was done and liberation donation was completed)
> Full payment of the Blessing donation

How to register:

1) Before you apply, you can check your records to see your progress in Ancestor Liberation and Blessing. You can access your records online but if you encounter any difficulties with this then you can request them via email from the CheonBo Branch Staff:

Registration forms are available at the link below. If you cannot download the forms, please ask your local registration team or CheonBo staff to send them to you via email.

2) After deciding what to apply for, please fill out the form(s) and send it to the UK registration team, who will be able to help you fill in the forms and answer any questions you may have:

3) After receiving confirmation of correct forms, please send the donation via bank transfer to the CheonBo EUME Branch bank account.

Please refer to Appendix A below for donation amounts, and Appendix B in the official memo to see which donation group your country is in.

EUR Donation Amounts as of May 2022*

*Please note that these amounts may change during the year due to the evolution of the conversion rate from dollars to euros.

For more information:

Email: Mont-Lang Colleter –

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