Hyojeong CheonBo Great Works in October

Autumn Hyojeong CheonBo Great Works

Saturday 23rd October from 9:30am–1:10pm BST

Sunday 24th October from 6am–9:40am (REPLAY)

The fourth “Hyojeong CheonBo Special Workshop” of 2021 will be held as the “2021 Autumn Hyojeong CheonBo Great Works,” and will once again be conducted as an online (livestream) video broadcast workshop. Details of the two-way streaming system, BODA and online live broadcast will be announced closer to the time.

The grace of the Special Holy Candle of Tree of All Things can be received by all registered members during the Prayer at the Tree of All Things. This is a special grace given to us by our True Parents following the preventive measures and policy as a result of COVID-19.

The deadline for sending registration fees and donations to FFWPU UK HQ is Tuesday 5th October.

Please note that the times stated above are in Korean time and subject to change

This time there will be a special grace to all the members who attend the Hyojeong Offering Ceremony during this Autumn Special Great Works where the members’ blessed ancestors’ past memories can be completely expunged. If you wish to receive this grace you will need to have offered at least one Hyojeong Offering Paper in your name at HJ Heaven and Earth CheonBo Training Center since 2021 August Special Great Works.

Graces Available During This Event

1) Ancestor and Collateral Liberation

2) Ancestor Blessing and Collateral Blessing of Married Spirits

3) Central Evil Spirit Removal

4) Self-Liberation Reservation

5) Cleansing of the Fetus of un-born children

6) Hyojeong Offering Papers

7) Expunging the ancestors memories of the sins from their past life (available to the members who offer a HJ Offering Paper during this event and attend the Hyojeong Offering Ceremony which is part of the program)

8) Removal of Evil Spirits through Chanyang Yeoksa (from home or in church center)

Great Works Attendance Locations

During this Great Works, members can participate from their church, church facility, or from their homes. However, participation from home is only allowed during this corona lockdown period.

Attendance from a church or church facility

1) The following members should attend from a church or church facility.

a) Members with health problems who would like to receive ansu in the Chanyang sessions
b) Members experiencing internet or Wi-Fi issues
c) Members who, due to various difficulties, are unable to view the Great Works live broadcast at home (For example; home environment or lack of support from family members).
d) Members with spiritual issues (so that he or she can be safer in the church environment)

Attendance from blessed families’ homes

1) In the family, those attending can clap and pat their own body to separate spirits from themselves during the Chanyang session but it should not be done unto other individuals.

2) Items to prepare at home:

a) True Parents’ official portrait picture
b) Hyojeong Won (recommended)
c) Holy Robes (recommended for members participating in the Ancestor Blessing)

Grace of Prayer at the Tree of All Things

Every year during the Autumn CheonBo Great Works, members had the opportunity to receive the grace of Blessing of All Things through the ‘Prayer at the Tree of All Things.’ This was done by passing and receiving the light to their own Cheon Il Guk Holy Candle during the event. Then for the next year until the next Autumn CheonBo Great Works, members could receive this Blessing everyday throughout their daily lives.

Due to the pandemic, this was impossible, however, for 2021 Autumn CheonBo Great Works, the seed candle will be sent to each region and nations before the Special Great Works.

To receive this grace, you will have to go to church and participate during the Prayer at the Tree of All Things. However, if this is not possible due to the pandemic or because of the time difference, then you may separately go to your church and received it during the period Saturday 23rd October to Sunday 31st October. A separate instruction will be given to your leaders for this method.

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