In Memory of Avril Masters

  • Name: Avril Masters
  • Spouse: Henry
  • Children: 3 children, 5 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren
  • Age: 96
  • Ascension Date: 9 April 2022

Our dear sister Avril Masters ascended peacefully at home on 9th April at the age of 96. She was surrounded by her 3 children Rosalind, Priscilla, James, and friends. Avril lived a long and blessed life exemplifying, together with her beloved husband Henry, a lifetime of total dedication to Heaven and its providence.

Avril’s faith and love of God was always part of her life, starting as a young child growing up in the village of Stanton Fitzwarren and joining in all the activities of the local church and community. Raised on a farm, she always had a love for nature, animals, and flowers. Her house was always spotless, clean, and tidy. Avril liked to cook and invite friends and family over for a meal or tea.

On August 23rd, 1952, Avril married Henry Masters who she had known since childhood. The young couple moved to London where Henry finished his architectural training and then returned to Stanton Fitzwarren where their 3 children were born. She continued to be involved in the activities of the village and became President of the Women’s Institute for a while and a Magistrate as well.

In 1973, Henry and Avril joined the Unification Church and 3 years later received the Blessing. They dedicated themselves wholeheartedly to True Parents and God’s providence giving up everything including their wealth. Avril was like a mother to all those who came to see her looking after everyone in whatever way was needed. She travelled around the country visiting the parents of our members giving them reassurance regarding their children. Around this time, True Father visited the farm and planted the oak tree consecrating this as a holy ground.

In 1983 Avril went to America to join Henry, who was already there designing boats, and to look after the Belvedere house. She took great care of the house and guests and had some wonderful experiences meeting with members of the True Family. The following years, because of Henry’s work with the boats, they moved to various places in the United States. Wherever Avril went she always took great care of the house where she lived, creating a beautiful atmosphere through her high standard of cleanliness, her wonderful flowers displays and her special touch. People also remember her for her popular and delicious homemade shortbread.

Later Henry and Avril were selected as national Messiah for Cuba. They were unable to move there because of the situation at the time so they moved to Miami Florida to work with other members for Cuba. Eventually they managed to visit Cuba twice.

In 2007, Henry and Avril returned home to England to Stanton Fitzwarren where they live together at South Farm Barn until Henry’s ascension on 23 of May 2020.

Avril was a small woman with great faith and determination. She lived a long and fruitful life. She will be remembered for her sincere love and desire to help and understand others. Thank you, Avril, for your love and dedication.