In Memory of Derrick Davis

  • Name: Derrick Anthony Davis
  • Spouse: Toyoko Davis
  • Children: Naomi and Samuel
  • Ascension Date: 17 April 2016

Our dear brother Derrick Davis ascended to the Spirit World on Sunday 17th April 2016. He passed away unexpectedly in the early hours from pneumonia. Derrick was a man of great faith and always testified and proclaimed True Parents. Derrick’s nephew shared in his testimony, that when his uncle met the Divine Principle, his life took on a new purpose and reason for living. He quickly introduced the principle to his parents, brothers and sisters, to which they responded. Derrick was a dedicated and faithful member of the South London Community and part of the FFWPU since 1978.

Whenever True Parents came to England, Derrick was the main person organizing transportation and driving for True Parents party. It was one of his greatest honours. He was a great advocate for health and spiritual well- being. He invested in ministers’ work and just one week prior to passing he organized a Blessing Ceremony in one of his ministers’ churches. He had several more planned. From his early years Derrick was passionate about martial arts, which he continued to teach regularly on a Sunday. He also strongly promoted the spiritual work done in Cheong Pyeong.

Derrick will be greatly missed by his wife Toyoko, and his two children Naomi and Samuel, as well as his family and friends. This was quite clear at his seonghwa ceremony. Over 200 people gathered to wish him well on his ascension.