In Memory of George Robertson

  • Name: George Robertson
  • Spouse: Anni Robertson
  • Children: Gilchrist
  • Age: 65
  • Ascension Date: 17 November 2017

George Robertson, a loving husband and father to Anni and Gilchrist, joined the Unification Church in 1972 in Scotland. He has been a pioneer, a missionary, a lecturer, a Sunday School teacher in later years. George was passionate to share God’s truth and love also through poems, stories, plays, music and songs.

He was a man of all seasons, a great communicator and worked with the media in the UK and always kept in touch with countless friends and relatives. Their home was a spiritual home for many people. We are all blessed to have had him in our life.  

In 1986 he was diagnosed with MS and as his condition deteriorated, he had to use a wheelchair for the last 27 years.

George, peacefully ascended into the Spirit World on 17th November 2017 surrounded by his family and friends.

May our Heavenly Father receive him in His loving care.