In Memory of Henry Masters

  • Name: Henry Masters
  • Spouse: Avril
  • Children: 3 children, 5 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren
  • Age: 93
  • Ascension Date: 23 May 2020

Henry Masters ascended to the Spirit World on Saturday 23rd May 2020. He was truly a very special person who gave so much to support the Messiah’s work on this earth. Mr Masters dedicated his life to God’s will, freely offering generations’ worth of inherited property to help pursue True Parents’ teachings, following absolutely the lessons taught through the Divine Principle.

Despite coming from a great background, he lived a life of humility and brought happiness with his warm, welcoming, and understanding heart towards everyone he approached.

His life itself was his message to us all to love each other and restore this world for God. We can’t express enough how special he was.

The Eye of A Needle: A Story of Faith

Last year, Valgas Moore created a short documentary about Henry & Avril Masters. It is based on Henry’s autobiography, which is called ‘The Eye of a Needle: My Life of Faith’. His book can be purchased on and is described as “a remarkable record of his English country ancestors and his own life of dedicated service under the guidance of Sun Myung Moon”.