In Memory of Joanna Hartl

  • Name: Joanna Hartl
  • Spouse: Georg
  • Child: Anna
  • Age: 69
  • Ascension Date: 30 May 2022

Our beloved sister, Joanna, touched the lives of so many of our brothers and sisters. She always looked at the good side of everyone and never hesitated to take into her home those who were in need of help. At the Seonghwa ceremony, her close friend Lari testified to Joanna’s generosity and declared that “Joanna was a real angel”.

We will miss her bright smile and booming voice, her laughter and her big, big heart.

Joanna was born into a family with 3 older children: Julia aged 15, Simon nearly 13 and me 10. She therefore grew up with much older siblings.

From her birthplace near Henley-on-Thames we moved to Ealing in West London to be nearer to Heathrow Airport, as father was an airline pilot with British Airways.

At school Joanna had no great ambition to succeed academically – she felt that there was more to life than competition. She was so popular with her classmates that on one occasion, when she failed to show up to take an examination paper, the school called us at home to say that the other pupils were refusing to start the examination until Joanna came in to join them (which she duly did)!

Mother was very protective of her and was always worried what Joanna was about to do next. When Joanna moved to the city of York and managed a wholefood restaurant, mother moved from Richmond-on-Thames to York so that she could keep an eye on Joanna. It was there that Joanna met the Movement and moved back to London to take part in the activities at Lancaster Gate.

After participating in a Blessing Ceremony in Seoul, she went to live in Regensburg, Bavaria with her husband Georg. She organised for mother and me to join them and Georg’s mother in a trip to Prague, then recently out of the Soviet bloc. She was certainly a good organiser.

Joanna had no difficulty learning the German language. She did this to such a degree that when they went to live in Palau, an island country in the West Pacific, she translated some ancient German documents for payment. She was very resourceful.

When mother became unable to look after herself, Joanna returned to London so that she could take care of her. After a time, Joanna took mother into her own house so that she could manage the situation more effectively. Joanna did this without complaining, and I was very grateful to her.

I’ll always remember Joanna as a down-to-earth and determined sister, who cared much for her family and friends.

Written by George, Joanna’s brother