In Memory of Patrick Murphy

  • Name: Patrick Michael Murphy
  • Spouse: Françoise
  • Children: Christophe and Pascal
  • Age: 58
  • Ascension Date: 17 August 2012
  • Birthplace: London, United Kingdom

Patrick was killed in an accident at work on the 17th of August 2012. His Seonghwa ceremony was held just one week before Father Moon’s ascension. Our family had prayed every day for Father Moon who was in hospital struggling for his life. We believe that Patrick offered his life and Heaven accepted his sacrifice. The day before the accident he told us how precious Father Moon’s life was, even more precious than 15 minutes of our own life.

Patrick was born in London, the second son of an Irish family of six children. His parents were pub managers. His mother had great strength of character and kept the family together through sometimes challenging times. Patrick did not finish his secondary education, he did various jobs and travelled to different countries in Europe, Africa, and the US where he joined his brother.

In 1984, he met the Unification movement in New York city and dedicated his life to God and His providence. He took part in the various activities of the church and worked for a while in the fish business. He became the assistant and later the building manager at the FFWPU USA Headquarter on 43rd street in New York city.

In 1989, he was blessed in marriage with Françoise G. from Belgium who joined him at 43rd street. The year after, Patrick volunteered to support the providence in Russia. His first son Christophe was born in 1991 and his second son Pascal in 1993. Our family lived in Oklahoma for a while. Answering the call of the Hometown providence, we moved back to the UK and settled in Watford where Patrick’s younger sister welcomed us.

In 2002 Patrick was diagnosed with a brain tumour, was operated twice and miraculously survived. He went back to a normal life and got a job at a transfer station where he had his accident few years later.

Patrick loves his family. Every weekend we spent time walking together in nature. It was a joyous time and a time of deep sharing about God’s providence and the world. Patrick had a big mind. He was concerned about the world and its future, sometimes his serious talks made us feel heavy and depressed. But then unexpectedly, he was cracking a joke which drove away our worries and sent us all in burst of laughter.

We will miss our beloved husband, father, and brother but he will always stay in our hearts.