In Memory of Reiko Hayashi

  • Name: Reiko Hayashi
  • Spouse: Masakazu
  • Children: Kunimasa, Kuniyoshi, Kayo and Lisa
  • Age: 66
  • Blessing Date: 14 October 1982
  • Ascension Date: 18 September 2018
  • Birthplace: Maebashi, Japan

Reiko was born in Maebashi, Gunma Prefecture, Japan. She was the eldest sibling of three with two younger brothers. She was an energetic girl, who spent her childhood running around outdoors and climbing trees.

Reiko joined the Unification Church aged 16, after hearing the Divine Principle during a high school trip near Mount Akagi. Together with her friends, they would go to the church centre after school every day. As a member she fundraised, and travelled throughout Japan with the IOWC and soon after, was assigned an accounting role for church businesses.

On September 1978, she was matched to Masakazu Hayashi, and Blessed on 14th October 1982 as part of the 6,000 couples Blessing.

She emigrated to the UK in 1985 to join her husband, where she worked at the farm and at Cleeve house, before she gave birth to Kunimasa and Kuniyoshi in 1987. Kayo was born in 1991 and Lisa in 1993. With her family she eventually settled in Harrow as part of the North London church community.

Reiko continued to passionately serve her community as a maternal figure to all, organising Sunday Services and Holy Table preparations, and had the opportunity to serve True Parents directly on numerous occasions through hospitality.

Despite being diagnosed with terminal cancer in her final year, she remained strong with an unwavering positive attitude.

Reiko’s life was rich and full of joy and touched the hearts and lives of countless people.

Hayashi Family