In Memory of Robert Adams

  • Name: Robert John Adams
  • Spouse: Annerose Adams
  • Children: 2
  • Age: 69
  • Blessing Date: 1982
  • Ascension Date: 7 January 2018

Robert was born in Plymouth. He discovered his passion and great talent for football and devoted much of his childhood and youth towards developing his career as a Pro.

In 1979, he joined the Unification Church and his life took a new direction. From that time on throughout the rest of his life, Robert would work in a great variety of activities in different parts of the world, from Ireland to America in the earlier days, to missionary work in Nigeria together with his wife and family.

Robert also had a special responsibility for Azerbaijan, which he supported from the UK, as well as occasional international rallies for world peace. Through thick and thin, the achievement of world peace was his great hope and vision and he never let go of it.

Robert and Annerose were blessed in marriage by Rev. and Mrs. Moon in Madison Square Garden, New York in 1982. They have two children.