In Memory of Stuart Johnson

  • Name: Stuart Johnson
  • Spouse: Regina
  • Children: 3 children, 1 grandchild
  • Age: 65
  • Ascension Date: 21 March 2021

Stuart Johnson passed away of Covid complications peacefully on the 21st of March at the age of 65 surrounded by his 3 children and daughter in law.

He was a dedicated father, husband and grandfather to his family. Stuart devoted the last years of his time on earth caring for his wife, Regina (whom is in extremely late stages of dementia) and trying to fulfil his WRIST mission given by True Father.

We feel embraced that he managed to spend 9 months in a 3-generation household and meet his first grandchild (Rei). His personality was that of never faltering and focusing 100% on what he believed needed to be completed. He was a perfectionist that adapted to every task presented to him and as a result has always been prepared to leave this earth at a moment’s notice. In his exact words written in a letter 8 years ago “I followed my father to the spirit world, like father like Son, I could do no other if required”.

We earnestly pray for his smooth transition into the spirit world and thank everybody for their support for him.