In Memory of Theresa Quarmby

  • Name: Theresa Quarmby
  • Ascension Date: 29 January 2018

Theresa Quarmby passed away peacefully 29th January 2018 at 8am with her family surrounding her, saying their last farewell. Theresa developed an aggressive cancer 6 months ago which sadly took her life.

Theresa was a beautiful Yorkshire born and bred sister who worked hard for the providence, campaigning for moral issues and writing lots and lots of letters for the local Huddersfield newspaper. She invested in caring and supporting her community in so many ways.

Theresa joined the church in 1979 as a mature person with two children. She has worked full and part time throughout her spiritual journey. She was promoting True Parents and witnessing wherever she went. She was also an interfaith person, working with the Catholic Church, the Anglican Church and many other religious groups in Yorkshire.