In-Person Sunday Services Are Returning

As we work our way back towards normality, in-person Sunday Services are making a comeback, alongside various events and hybrid services [in-person and online].

Over the past few weeks and months, our communities up and down the United Kingdom have started to resume Sunday Services and other community activities.

In South London, hybrid services have taken place since early May. While at the beginning only a few ventured out, the numbers have steadily grown with a sizable crowd turning out last Sunday.

The North London, Bromley and Wales communities have been regularly holding events and activities outdoors while Central London has pioneered the hybrid system of holding Sunday services.  

Moving forward as a community we see the hybrid system of holding Sunday gatherings, meaning services are both in-person and streamed online, the ideal way of conducting our communal worship.

The hybrid system allows for the convenience of being able to watch a service from the comfort of home, while at the same time allowing those who are able to get together to attend worship; which as we have learnt over past 18 months, there is no replacement for.

We are working towards making the hybrid system of holding services as effective as possible, and are adapting our services to allow both for those physically attending and watching at home to have a good experience.

This begins with South London community having a new internet provider installed at the South London Embassy to allow for future services to be streamed online.

To find out more about what is happening in your community, please contact your local pastor or community representative. For contact details, please visit:

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