IRFF: Volcanic Eruption Fundraiser for “Hope for Children” in Democratic Republic of Congo

Last Saturday, Mount Nyiragongo in the Democratic Republic of Congo erupted. Among the buildings and homes that were completely destroyed was the Hope for Children shelter in Goma, which IRFF UK has been supporting since 2018.

Any financial support that you can offer would be greatly appreciated! The immediate urgent need is for medical costs and to find accommodation for the children, but the long-term goal is to help rebuild the Hope for Children shelter and contribute towards a new corn-grinding mill to replace the one that was destroyed by the volcano.

How to Donate:

If you live within the UK, please send your donation directly by bank transfer to IRFF UK. This ensures that 100% of your donation reaches those who need it.

Sort Code: 60 05 29
Account Number: 96497645

If you live outside the UK, you can donate to the official fundraiser page:

Just to give you some background on the Hope for Children shelter, it was set up by a blessed couple in the Congo who saw a need in the area where they live in Goma, despite it being a dangerous place due to human and natural disasters, to house and raise 60 orphans, as well as to put others in host families. IRFF was brought in in 2018 just to help feed the children, and has also sent additional funds for uniforms and backpacks for the children to attend school. IRFF then started investing in the HFCs financial self-sufficiency by funding their corn-growing farming and two mills for grinding corn, one of which was destroyed by the volcano. So much of what has been invested into was lost over the weekend within hours – and tragically 11 of the 60 children were unaccounted for in the hours and even days following the eruption, but all have now been found!

Read more about how IRFF UK has supported Hope for Children over the past 3 years:

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