Holy Day Celebrations

Celebration of True Parents’ Day, Heavenly Parent’s Day and 61st Anniversary
of True Parents’ Holy Wedding

True Parents’ Prayer at the “Hyojeong Cosmic Blessing Festival Officiated by the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind celebrating the 61st Anniversary of True Parents’ Holy Wedding”:

The following PowerPoint presentation contains excerpts from True Mother’s words during a morning service on Monday:

Gratitude Donation:

Thank you to all those who have already offered your gratitude donation. If you haven’t had a chance to send yours yet, here are the details again:

Individual: £90
Family: £155

Please send your donation to the FFWPU UK bank account by Friday 30th April using the payment reference below.

FFWPU-UK HQ Bank Details:

Account Name:  Family Federation for World Peace and Unification
Account Number:  39573067
Sort Code:  23-05-80

IMPORTANT: In order to identify your payment correctly, please use the following payment reference when making online payments:

TPD – [Initial] – [First 5 Letters of Surname] eg. TPD-T-SWEEN

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