“The Energy Was Mightily High” – YSP For Project Spring Revival

We were blessed to be able to offer our dedication and time to the Wonjeon in Stanton Fitzwarren over the bank holiday weekend for our Youth and Students for Peace (YSP) project.

Our goal was to create a wild camping area, put up signs, clear the path for the Woodland Walk, and create a new picnic area within the woods. This goal is in line with YSPs aims of supporting the UN’s sustainable development goals (specifically goal number 15: protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems).

The energy was mightily high and the sun was beaming. It was brilliant to see a wide variety of people (and guests) attend the event and come together, a strength of our movement is the sense of community and our ability to come together for goodness. I hope that the woodland area of the Wonjeon can be enjoyed by our community. Please come and visit! There are picnic/BBQ facilities, a nice forestry walk and the opportunity to camp (not to mention the lovely Holy Ground there).

– Elliot Yamamoto

Participate in YSP’s Project Spring Revival where you can help revive beautiful woodland by creating a wild campsite, removing problematic trees and building a woodland path.

UPDATE – 16/4: Please note that this weekend project has been postponed by one week to the last weekend of April (Saturday 30th April and Sunday 1st May).

We invite you to help revise the beautiful, holy and special woodland of Stanton Fitzwarren. This will be done by creating a wild campsite, removing problematic trees and building a woodland path with picnic areas. Watch the promo video below or directly on Vimeo!

When? Saturday 30th April & Sunday 1st May 2022

Where? Stanton Fitzwarren, Swindon.



13:00 Arrival

13:30 Orientation

14:00 – 16:00 Clearing area for wild camping, removal of trees and building a camp fire.

16:00 Break

16:30 Continue renovations

18:00 Camp fire and BBQ

19:30 End of day


10:00 Arrival

10:30 Orientation

11:00 Clear woodland walk path, picnic areas and fix signposts in place

12:00 Refreshments

12:30 Continue Renovations

14:00 Clear up and end of project

Register for the project by clicking here!

For more information, please contact: Elliot Yamamoto (07568331505 or or Simran Rai (07434630618).

Watch the promo video below or directly on Vimeo!

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