Live At Lancaster Gate! Find Out The Latest About Our Headquarters (Q&A)

We find out the latest on Lancaster Gate by having a Q&A with the Lettings Team at FFWPU-UK who encourage our membership to rent out a room at our central London location.

How has COVID affected the rental business at Lancaster Gate?

Adversely, like most businesses in the UK. We had tenants who had to move out because they lost their jobs. We also had tenants who moved out because they now could work from home and no longer needed to live in London.  However, there have been signs that people are starting coming back to London and we have welcomed some new tenants in the recent months.

How have the rooms/property been renovated?

Apart from making sure all of our rental units meet all legal and regulatory requirements, we renovate our rental units as and when is necessary to ensure that they meet the needs of our tenants. If possible, we always try to work with our tenants to make their homes feel more like their own.

How can the wider membership support the rental business at Lancaster Gate?

Rent a unit. Spread the word. Pray for us.

For those interested in renting a room at Lancaster Gate, what are the benefits of living in the area?

One of the biggest benefits of living in Lancaster Gate is the location. There are an array of independent shops, restaurants, pubs and clubs all situated within a short walk. Kensington Gardens is also only a few minutes’ walk away which is perfect for those who enjoy the greenery! There are fantastic transport links as 6 minutes’ walk to Lancaster Gate Station and 10 minutes’ walk to Paddington Station. Lancaster Gate is also in close proximity to London tourist hotspots such as Oxford Street, Soho, Marble Arch, Hyde Park and Buckingham Palace.

How do we get in touch for further details on renting a room at Lancaster Gate?

Please or search “Lancaster Gate” at (

How has the recent flooding impacted Lancaster Gate?

The recent flooding did not only affect our buildings at Lancaster Gate but also many other buildings in the local area. Our basement was flooded and the flood also damaged the paintwork of both entrances and three of the flats. We have been working hard with the Insurer and their Loss Adjuster to get all damages repaired as soon as possible.

For more information on Lancaster Gate or inquire about our rental units, please contact: or visit:

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