Live Broadcast: Grand CheonBo Festival

Guidelines for Online Participation on Sunday 10th October

The 2021 CheonBo Festival is the final event to celebrate the “Commemoration of the 9th Anniversary of the Holy Ascension of Sun Myung Moon”. This ceremony is a historic event that marks the beginning of the CheonBo Providence, which was declared by True Parents, and is an opportunity for blessed families to ensure that this grand festival will be filled with grace as all CheonBo victors are inducted as proud and honorable citizens of Cheon Il Guk.

CheonBo Course

Blessing of 430 Couples Horizontally and 430 Generations of Ancestors Vertically: Heavenly Tribal Messiahs fulfill the qualification to represent his or her nation

CheonBo Holy Wine Ceremony: Through this ceremony, couples receive Special Grace that cleanses all their sins in order to become CheonBo couples perfecting the purpose of creation

CheonBo Registration Blessing Ceremony: Couples participate leading 430 generations of their ancestors and their tribe of 430 blessed couples and through this Blessing register to Cheon Il Guk as a tribe

CheonBo Festival: This festival celebrates the rebirth of CheonBo couples who perfected the purpose of creation and completed the mission as citizens of Cheon Il Guk and blessed families

CheonBo Festival Overview

Date: Sunday 10th October 2021

Venue: Cheong Shim World Peace Center, other venues worldwide, and home church of blessed families

Target Participants: All members around the world


2020 CheonBo couples: Suit with a golden bow tie for men, white dress or suit for women
2021 CheonBo candidates: CheonBo Holy Robe or suit with a golden bow tie for men, white dress or suit for women
Other participants: Suit for men, white dress or suit for women


1) Designated individuals, churches, national headquarters, and regional group headquarters should participate through interactive live streaming.
2) Other members may participate through live broadcast.
3) Please make preparations to conduct a sacred and festive ceremony while also adhering to the COVID-19 restrictions and regulations.

Preparations for Blessed Families

Venue Preparation: Select a neat and appropriate place within the house.

Participants: If possible, all family members participate in the ceremony.

Materials: PC (for interactive live streaming or watch live broadcast), a flower for offering, banner (see above)


1) Awarding of Plaque and Shawl: The couple will give each other their shawl. The CheonBo Plaque may be given to the couple by another family member, or the couple may place the plaque in front of True Parents’ picture.
2) Offering of Flowers: Offer the flowers prepared in front of True Parents’ picture

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