Live Broadcast: Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community Peace Festival

Sunday 4th April at 1:20am BST

The Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community Peace Festival aims to share with guests and new contacts our understanding of God as our Heavenly Parent, and how we are to live, love, and follow God as our Heavenly Parent. This is a wonderful opportunity to invite new guests, particularly those who have watched the Rallies of Hope for the Realization of a Heavenly Unified World.

Main Programme:

> Welcoming Remarks

> Musical (Themed Performance)

> Themed Videos:

① Who is the Mother of Peace?
② Who is the Heavenly Parent?
③ Who am I?

> Hyojeong Testimonies: Heads of State-level leaders, religious leaders, blessed members

> Cultural Performance: Paul Potts, the Little Angels, and more

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