Highlights: Prayer Rally for the Salvation of the Homeland

Monday 6th December at 7pm GMT

We’ve just concluded our 11th monthly conference call with our IHQ team, led by Dr. Yoon Young Ho, and all the Regional Presidents and UPF leaders worldwide. The meeting began as always with greetings from True Mother conveyed by Mrs. Wonju McDevitt. She reminded us that today, Tuesday 30th November, is the anniversary of the very day that True Parents arrived in North Korea 30 years ago to visit their hometowns and hold historic meetings with Kim Il Sung.

All this week we will have various memorial events. The most significant will be the special prayer rally this weekend on Sunday 5th December in the morning at midnight GMT for up to 1 million participants online and in person at the World Peace Centre. This rally will include several video contributions from religious leaders with millions of congregants, several messages from Europe and an opportunity for all of us to join in passionate unison prayer for the unification of Korea.

Then, the following day on Monday 6th December we will feature a 30 minute “Highlights Video” on our regular EUME Zoom Link at the more convenient hour of 2000 CET (1900 GMT). I would like to encourage everyone to join this replay, because Monday 6th December is the 30th Anniversary of the actual meetings with Kim Il Sung. Let’s honour our True Parents on this very historic day.

Dear Family,

As we all know, True Parents lifelong wish and dream is to see Korea once again united. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic and various political and social conflicts, that dream has not changed. Next Sunday, December 5th, starting at about 0100 CET, we are all invited to show our love and support by attending a special prayer service and interfaith rally together with True Mother.

We want to invite religious representatives from all of Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community, and IHQ has mentioned a target of 157 nations representing the 157 countries that have diplomatic ties with both Koreas. That’s a tall order, even more so since almost half those countries are right here among the 71 nations of our EUME region. Still, let’s do our best to make sure that each of our nations is represented by at least one person one week from today.

This can be done in several ways, such as:

  • By recording and sending a one-minute video prayer or greeting from a religious leader for inclusion in the main program: Jacques Marion and the UPF team are working on collecting these.
  • By the live two-way participation of one or more religious or community leader residing in or representing each of our nations and communities (even if they live somewhere else)
  • By live participation in the broadcast on Peace TV and other channels
  • By joining the EUME highlights program later the same day (this is not confirmed)

Fumiko and I would like to encourage everyone to make this a priority to start the month of December well. We are creating a registration form so that we can track of which nations have registered an interest.


Michael & Fumiko Balcomb
Regional President, Heavenly Europe & the Middle East

P.S. We heard that there may be a second such program to welcome in the New Year at midnight (Korea time) on
December 31st. More details to follow…

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