Looking Back On The Life Of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

As we near the 9th anniversary of the late Rev. Sun Myung Moon, we look back at the life he lived dedicated to living for his fellow man and making the world a better place.

Rev. Sun Myung Moon died on Sunday 2nd September 2021, at the church-owned hospital near Gapyeong, South Korea, two weeks after being hospitalised with pneumonia.

The passing of Rev. Moon was unexpected for the wider movement, as the assumption was that he would recover and continue to lead the movement forwards.

Over the coming days, weeks and months, a deep sadness was experienced by members and communities around the world as someone so close to our hearts had unexpectedly ascended to the spiritual world.

Born in a town that now resides in North Korea, Rev. Moon founded the movement in Seoul in 1954, after miraculously surviving the Korean war.

The movement gained momentum and grew exponentially in the 1970s and 1980s and became well-known for its multicultural mass weddings, where couples from different countries and cultures pledged to live a life together with God.

Rev. Moon said in his autobiography: “International and intercultural marriages are the quickest way to bring about an ideal world of peace.

“People should marry across national and cultural boundaries with people from countries they consider to be their enemies so that the world of peace can come that much more quickly.”

Rev. Moon also worked tirelessly to rebuild bonds between North and South Korea; he visited North Korea in 1991 and met with the country’s founder Kim Il Sung in Hamhung.

He asked Kim Il Sung to give up on his nuclear ambitions and the two talked like good friends. In his autobiography he wrote: “The two of us were able to communicate well about our shared hobbies of hunting and fishing. At one point, we each felt we had so much to say to the other that we just started talking like old friends meeting after a long separation.”

He added that he heard Kim tell his son: “After I die, if there are things to discuss pertaining to North-South relations, you must always seek the advice of president Moon.”

The good relations between the movement and North Korea continue till this day and its well-recorded that Kim Jong Il, Kim’s successor, send Rev. Moon expensive Birthday gifts every year until his passing.

The teachings and principles passed on by Rev. Sun Myung Moon are embraced by hundreds of thousands of people across the world who strive to follow in his footsteps.

The 9th Anniversary of Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s passing is on Tuesday 24th August 2021. We encourage our membership to participate in both national and international events that commemorate his passing.

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