Make the Most of Marriage – Monthly Online Meeting for Couples

THEME: “How We Overcame Postpartum Depression Together” – Uyanga & Andrew L.

DATE & TIME: Monday 2nd May – 19:30 GMT, 20:30 CET

FOR: All Blessed Couples

Mother’s Day is coming up soon! As we prepare to celebrate all the wonderful moms, we remember that motherhood can be a challenging journey. Both mothers and fathers can experience postpartum depression.

If you are new to MMM and have never registered before, please fill out the online registration form before 9pm BST on the day before the event, so that we know in which discussion group to put you.

Please be sure to add us to your contact list, to avoid missing our emails.  Feel free to share this information with any blessed couple you think might be interested.

Discussion Groups:

After the talk we will split into discussion groups: the groups are made of 5-7 people, and we try our best to put together couples of similar circumstances.

MMM – Creating a thriving community of fulfilled blessed couples.

Life is busy and it can be hard to find time to connect with other couples in our international community.

Make the Most of Marriage is an EUME-BFD initiative that provides a regular online event which gives couples the opportunity to listen and share from the comfort of their sofa.

We host monthly Zoom calls with a 25-minute talk from a main speaker and breakout groups for discussion and sharing.

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