Mediation Team

The Mediation Team is a FFWPU-UK initiative that will work to facilitate mediation between all members of our community and work towards greater unity within our organisation.

Issues can be brought to the Mediation Team by a pastor, an individual, a group, or the national leader. Whilst each case may be different, procedures will be followed to ensure that accountability is maintained, and that agreeable solutions can be found. We hope that working with the Mediation Team will establish more trust and confidence that issues will be taken seriously and dealt with in an appropriate way.
The Mediation Team can be called upon to listen and provide pastoral support and care to those who have been impacted. We will work towards a positive outcome without delay.
Currently, the Mediation Team consists of four people whose contact details are below. If you have any questions, require further information, or would like to talk with any of the team please feel free to do so.
Inge Chandler        Email:             Tel: 07506 783495
Ron Chandler         Email:          Tel: 07579 057681
Hyosung N.            Email:           Tel: 07522 348257
Cecilie Fortune      Email:      Tel: 07941 692256 (from mid-March 2022)
General contact details:
For more information on the Mediation Team, please watch the video below or directly on Vimeo