Meet The Team

Michael & Fumiko Balcomb

UK National Directors 


Matthew & Natasha Huish

Vice UK National Directors / Bromley Community Pastors


David & Patricia Earle

Birmingham Community Pastors 


Franklin & Cecilie Fortune

South London Community Pastors 


Jeff & Monika Bateman

North London Community Pastors 


Francis & Brigitte Fobbie

East London / East Anglia Community Pastors


Central London Community


North England Community


Scotland Community


Wales Community


West Country Community



We’re always looking for new people to join the team. If you are passionate, dedicated and hard-working, we would love to hear from you! 

Please contact:

Meet the Team

Kieran Hoyte

HARP Leader

Kieran has over four years of experience working together with HARP taking on positions such as Team Leader and Sports Coordinator. An active member of the FFWPU-UK community, he constantly strives to support and improve those around him.

Cha-Eun Lall


With three years of STF under her belt, Cha-Eun is no stranger to taking on leadership positions. She looks forward to being able to play a more active role in the lives of our HARP-UK community.

Alma Gaina

Head Of Media

Currently studying Photography at South Bank University, Alma is happiest when she is behind the camera capturing memories. She hopes to support HARP-UK by curating original media and content.

Meet the Team

Carmel Mould

Program Coordinator

Carmel has 4 years of experience of working with youth and young adults in the UK, including organising and staffing residential workshops, coordinating events from dinner parties to talk evenings and investing into local worship music ministries.

William Haines

Program Advisor

William is the director of our education department in the UK as well as a husband, father and grandfather. He has travelled to many countries around the world teaching the Divine Principle in inspiring ways and offers interest and support for the youth and young adults areas of our movement here in the UK.

Simon Cooper

Program Advisor

Simon, a husband and father to 5, was previously our UK national leader and pastor of central London community. In recent years he has supported grassroots initiatives started by second generation members from a mentor/advisor role.