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As FFWPU-UK is a registered charitable organisation, we are overseen by a Trustee Board who send in an annual report and audited accounts to the Charity Commission, in addition to fulfilling a range of other responsibilities. Here we present to you our Trustees. 

The trustees are legally responsible to ensure that the charity complies with charity law, for directing the affairs of the charity, and for ensuring that it is solvent, well-run, and delivering outcomes for the benefit of the public for which it has been set up.

They meet every 3 months, and correspond in between meetings. Currently they are dealing with the installation of a solar farm in Stanton Fitzwarren, other land and property issues, keeping an eye on the effects of COVID on the charity’s income, safeguarding, GDPR, and developing better staff and financial practices. They serve on the board for a minimum of one year and a maximum of seven years.

Tim Read – Chair

Currently Chair of the Board, and Chair of the South London Community committee.
Tim runs a small web-design business and is also part-time bookings manager in the South London peace embassy. He lives with his wife in Crystal Palace and has two Blessed sons.

Huey Er Fisher – Treasurer 

Having joined the movement in 1985 in Malaysia, Huey was later Blessed to Paul Fisher in the 6,000 Couple Blessing.

Huey has her own business and is a member of the Finance Committee for the South London Community. Huey has experience in both the public and commercial sector, having worked as a Finance Manager for various organisations, in addition to working as a Finance Assistant within a corporative company.

Her aspirations for FFWPU-UK include healthy cash-flow within the organisation and strengthened investment and development. She also wishes to create a platform for members and second generation for those interested in business, investment and development. 

Gillian Schroder – Secretary

“I have been a trustee since 2014.  I am the Secretary which involves taking the minutes of the trustees’ meetings which take place about every three months and I have put together the Annual Report for the last few years. 

I decided to apply to become a trustee because I wanted to participate more in the providence once my children were a little older and it suited my work schedule as the trustees’ meetings are at the weekend and I work in a hospital during the week.  It also made a nice change of spirit from what I was doing day to day. 

I also felt that I could contribute something to our movement as a charity in the modern world as my work keeps me up to date with the norms of today’s society. 

I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to dedicate themselves to the movement here in the UK to consider becoming a trustee as it is a very rewarding mission.”

Joanna Hartl

“I joined Unification Movement in UK on 1/1/1979 ,was matched in Camberg in 1981 and blessed in Korea as a member of the 6000 couple Blessing on 14/10/1982. I was involved in fundraising, business, witnessing, home church and church ministers’ outreach work in the UK; before leaving to go to Germany in 1985.

In Germany I continued to contact churches and under the auspices of the Causa movement also participated in outreach work to other VIP’s. I was quite involved with the Causa movement and was active in rallies, street speaking and weekend seminars.

After moving to my husband’s hometown of Regensburg in 1991, I became active in the hometown providence and also was the local area representative for the Women’s Federation for World Peace.

We received an offered child in 1994, which completed our family, and thereafter in 1997 moved to The Republic of Palau in the Pacific Ocean as a National Messiah family (from the Cain side). 

Due to the ill health of my husband we returned to Europe in 2002 and stayed in Germany for a year to complete his medical treatment. In 2003 we moved as a family to the UK and were able to look after my elderly mother here.

In 2015 I completed a law degree at Birkbeck College, London and moved soon after that to Swindon in the West Country. As well as witnessing about our True Parents, I have been involved here with UPF outreach and lately also helping with the administration & running of Cleeve House.

I became a Trustee of FFWPU at the end of 2017, and my feelings and concerns as a Trustee are mainly to make sure that our FFWPU movement in the UK can work efficiently and effectively to fulfil our goals.

My main sphere of activity until now is to act in a supporting role to help with any administrative or other issues that may arise in connection with Health and Safety or any field needing research or attention.”

Ajay Rai 

“My very first encounter with the movement was through Hyo Jin Nim’s music, namely the Rebirth album. Later I listened to his speeches on a daily basis until I actually started to speak with an American accent! Through Hyo Jin Nim and the True Family I came to love True Parents as my own parents. My loyalty was cemented in those early years back in the nineties and it is still the root of my faith today. In 1995 I was Blessed in marriage to Aniko and together we have six children.

True Father spoke of the ideal world as a world of art, and I hope that in some way I can shine a light on what that may actually look like. I have approached everything from witnessing and fundraising to workshops and managing large scale events around the world, with this same mindset. After attaining my MA in Producing Film & TV at the National Film & Television School, I set up my own production company in 2014 and continue to work across many sectors including training, education, festivals, funding and production. As a community leader I have been an active member of the Central London Holy Community for the past 16 years, both as a Sunday school teacher and currently as Chairman.”

We are on the look out for new Trustees! 

Trustees are chosen to complement the skill-set of the Board pertinent to the charity’s remit. There are three vacancies, so if you would like to contribute in a meaningful and effective way to the charity’s development, please contact Tim Read at

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