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Offers Ends on 30th June

“As I complete this book, one person I dearly miss at this moment is my beloved husband, Father Sun Myung Moon. We spent our lives together to convey and accomplish God’s will … If he were here to witness the publication of this book, his face would shine with a joy greater than that of anyone else. The sparkle in his eyes is dancing in my heart today. I hope that this book will reveal a taste of our life spent together for God’s will.” – Hak Ja Han Moon

With the publication of ‘Mother of Peace’ last year, True Mother gifted us with a moving insight into her remarkable life, from her war-torn childhood to her marriage to True Father and the 52 years that they spent striving together to bring humanity back to our Heavenly Parent.

This is a book that can be shared with friends, relatives and neighbours, and we hope that you will take advantage of this very special bulk deal that will last only until the end of June. The prices below include delivery costs!

21 books for £115
40 books for £180
120 books for £500

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