National Worship Service In Tottenham Brings Our Wider Community Back Together

After almost two years since our last national worship service, members reunite in Tottenham for a Sunday filled with worship, reflection and fellowship.

Our last national worship service was in February 2020, right before the COVID pandemic hit, turning our lives upside-down and making it difficult to meet together in real life.

Sunday’s service in Tottenham, London, saw a return to in-person gatherings with appropriate changes made to make sure everyone across the country could get involved.

The service adopted a hybrid approach, allowing for those who could make the journey to North London to meet in person, while various live streams connected the communities directly to the service through the internet.

The service was led by Jonathan Hoyte who opened proceedings by warmly welcoming attendees and viewers, before inviting everyone to join together in worship and song.

Worship was led by a band of young second-generation members whose musical talents and passion uplifted attendees and helped create a warm atmosphere.

The sermon was given was Dr Michael Balcomb which was titled “The Unexpected Kingdom”. The main theme of the sermon was on the importance of being able to take responsibility for the community, kingdom and world we want to create.

He said: “I think our Heavenly Parent is hoping that we collectively we will say, ok, it isn’t here yet, it hasn’t been as expected, but we will take responsibility for it, we will be the ones who will bring this dream to pass, together”.

“The kingdom that starts with us, that even when it’s delayed, even when it seems far away, we respond: ‘I will be the one who takes responsibility’”.

After the service was formally concluded, attendees joined together in fellowship, catching up with one another over a pizza lunch.

The hybrid approach in delivering the worship service allowed the event to feel both contemporary and meaningful, as it allowed for those who were unable to attend the service to feel connected and a part of our wider community.

If the past few months have taught us anything however, it is that there is no better alternative than when we can gather in the name of God, our Heavenly Parent.

If you missed the service, catch-up on Dr Balcomb’s sermon here! And view the photos here!

We would like to thank all those involved in making the service a great success! The next national worship service is planned for February 2022, so keep an eye out for when the date is confirmed.

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