New Conflict Resolution Policy Is Available To View

Over the weekend, at the Council of Communities meeting in Derbyshire, it was agreed that FFWPU-UK would implement a new conflict resolution policy into the organisation.

The conflict resolution policy has been added alongside the whistleblowing and complaints policy which are located on the footer of the website, under “FFWPU-UK Policy“.

The purpose of this new policy is to give members of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) the opportunity to raise a concern or address a conflict they may have with an individual member or any department within our Family Federation. 

The new policy is to provide and encourage open and honest communication without worrying about being judged as it is the duty of FFWPU to support the spiritual and emotional wellbeing of all its members. 

Conflicts within our community should be seen as opportunities to improve our commitment and service to each other. 

The policy can be downloaded and viewed below.

For more information on the new conflict resolution policy, or to view our other policies, please visit:

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