*NEW* ‘Dawn of A New Era’ Book Now Available to Order Online

We are very happy to announce the publication of a very valuable historic document: the intense testimonies of 31 members of the Unification Movement, who, in 1975, volunteered to follow True Parents’ call to go to foreign countries as pioneers of our movement. Many of them stayed abroad for years and even decades, often in more than just one country.

On the last page of the book they write: 

May our testimonies build bridges into the future and contribute
to the reconciliation of all cultures and religions
to realise a peaceful world family
in harmony with all creation.

The testimonies of those 31 brothers and sisters show the complexity between the human weakness and the power of our Heavenly Parent. They bear witness to a historic endeavour that laid the worldwide foundation for the development and dissemination of God’s message for our time to establish a peaceful world.

“These stories are not solely our own, but those of our mission countries and their first Unificationist members. For the benefit of our worldwide membership and the general public, we saw the need to present our testimonies in the English language. We formed a small working team and revised each story with the author. It is our deep-felt desire to let readers from different backgrounds ‘see through our eyes’ the world we experienced many years ago, as we struggled to share God’s Heart of love for His children. Consequently, the testimonies articulate our experiences in an individual way – as each of us is unique and walked a unique path.”

The book can be ordered online from KANDO or ordered by email:

Extract pages of the book can be viewed here: Extract pages – Dawn of a New Era

On behalf of the 31 authors, we wish you much inspiration with this new publication.


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