New Pastors Lead National Worship Service

Our two new pastors, Adza Mould and Elliot Yamamoto, led the National Worship Service in London where members joined together in song, self-reflection and fellowship.

Sunday’s National Worship Service in London was led by our new pastors, with Adza Mould giving the sermon and Elliot Yamamoto as worship leader. Adza Mould is the new pastor for the River South Community while Elliot is the new pastor for the Wales & West Country region.

Our national services continue to implement a modern approach to delivering services, allowing for those who could travel to Tottenham, London to meet in-person, while YouTube Live connected members to the service through the internet.

Elliot led the service with wit and charisma, made attendees feel relaxed and smoothly moved along proceedings.

Worship was provided by a band of young second-generation members whose talent, heart and passion inspired attendees and helped create a vibrant atmosphere.

The first part of the service was dedicated to various announcements. A short video was played which commemorated those who have ascended as well as welcome new-borns who have been born into our community.

Ajay Rai then was brought onto the stage to introduce our new partnership with TogetherAll, an online wellbeing and mental health community. For more information on TogetherAll, please click here.

Following on from Ajay, Dr Michael Balcomb took the stage to officially announce the pastors who will be stepping down from their years of service and also introduced the new pastors who will be taking on the responsibilities of pastorship.

Dr Balcomb proceeded to give a brief report on his experiences in Korea, his time at the World Summit and attending True Mother, Dr Hak Ja Han Moon.

After Dr Balcomb’s report, Adza Mould gave the sermon which was titled: “Confession”. To watch the full sermon, click here. He said: “Look to the three Blessings.

“Wherever we are falling short in fulfilling the three Blessings, let us find out what it is that we are lacking and address those lacks.

“So that we can then come into God’s sweetness, the sweetness of God that never fails.”

Adza’s father, Hermon Mould, 90, was in the audience on Sunday. On his son becoming pastor, he said: “He’s [Adza] always wanted to be a pastor. I’m proud of him.”

After the service was brought to a close, those who attended bonded over a hearty lunch of pizza and refreshments.

Our new pastors led the worship service with passion and heart which resulted in an enriching event for all those who attended.

We would like to thank all those involved in making the service a success! Keep an eye out for the next national service.

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