New Peace Embassy Opens In Glasgow

A new Peace Embassy was officially opened over the past weekend in Glasgow, Scotland.

This past Sunday, the 19th of June, was a very special day for our community up here in Scotland! We had the opening ceremony and holy salting for our new Peace Embassy in Glasgow.

We welcomed up our special guests, Dr Michael and Mrs Fumiko Balcomb, and Dr Otsuka. We were very lucky to have both Dr Balcomb and Dr Otsuka sharing their inspiring messages with us.

We had a chance to reflect on different times that True Father and True Mother visited Scotland, as well as hearing from old missionary letters from our first pioneer in Scotland, June Darby.

We were also encouraged to follow the tailwind of Heaven’s providence to make our Peace Embassy a place that is living and breathing in the Spirit, day and night. Then, led by Dr Balcomb, we had the holy salting ceremony.

This was followed by the ribbon and cake cutting ceremonies. We then had a tasty lunch and enjoyed fellowship. After lunch some of us went to bonnie Loch Lomond for a boat trip. It was a beautiful sunny day with lots of smiles!

Peace Embassy background and details:

For many years, Scotland has had a strong desire to buy a property to use as a Peace Embassy.

The property is in a prime location in Glasgow’s city centre, in walking distance from the main bus and train stations. The property is on the second floor of a small office block and consists of 6 rooms, a kitchen and 2 toilets.

As a community, we still have to finalise the best possible use of the property and we are also looking into some business opportunities.

We have a prayer room, a fully functioning kitchen, a conference room, a lounge area as well as some office space. After some renovation work, we plan to also have a room big enough to hold 40 people.

We are hopeful that this will be a new beginning for our activities in Scotland and it can become a dynamic investment for both our brothers and sisters and future guests and partners. We are excited to see you all come and visit us! – Report By Maryann M.

Watch some interviews of our Scottish members below or directly on Vimeo.

View the full photo gallery of photos from the event here.

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