*NEW* ‘Stories to Nourish the Heart’ by Elisabeth Seidel

A victorious HTM, Elisabeth Seidel completed giving the Holy Marriage Blessing to her couple’s tribe of 430 couples, receiving the Cheon Bo (Treasures of Heaven) award, after her beloved husband, Dietrich, had already ascended to the spirit world. She has much to share about the heart needed to restore their tribe.

Stories to Nourish the Heart” is a compilation, edited by Jennifer P. Tanabe, of the reflections that Elisabeth wrote for the blog she started as a way to provide education and spiritual nourishment to her tribe, her extended family. This family is not limited to her hometown (and in fact she counts several places as her hometown), to her native country, to her husband’s native country, to the country of her children’s birth, or to her adopted country of America; Elisabeth’s heart embraces people the world over as God’s children, children of our one Heavenly Parent. 

In this book she share the life experiences that have nourished her heart and will nourish the heart of the reader.

You can read a wonderful review of the book in the December edition of our local newspaper, “Hudson River View.”

You can read more about the book, and more reviews here on her website. The eBook version is coming soon!

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