Our Instagram Page “UnificationQuotes” Provides Uplifting Content For Unificationists All Around The World


The Instagram page @unificationquotes is reaching members across the globe through its use of inspiring quotes and powerful imagery.

The page was launched with the intention to provide high quality content on a consistent basis based on the teachings of our movement. 

The page uses takes relatable and down-to-earth quotes from Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon and presents them in an appealing format. 

The teachings of our movement are universal, and therefore they deserve to be spread across social media in order to positively impact anyone who stumbles across the page. 

The page is aimed to appeal to both those with an understanding of our movement, and to those with no prior knowledge of our teachings. 

You can visit the page online:

And through Instagram by searching for the @unificationquotes page on the app.

Visit the gallery to able to download a selection of these quotes.

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