Our Young Adults Enjoy A Weekend Away In The Peak District

A group of young adults from our community, aged between 18-33 years old, gathered in the scenic Peak District for a weekend retreat of connection, reflection and rejuvenation.

Over 40 young adults, aged between 18 – 33 years old, gathered at Dovedale House in the idyllic Peak District to participate in weekend away from work, university and the demands of daily life.

The purpose of the retreat was to allow for the young adults in our community to re-connect to one another, after many months apart, as well as to provide a space for personal reflection and redetermination.

The retreat allowed attendees to take part in a variety of activities, from boardgames, worship sessions, hikes around rolling hills of the Peak District, to the immensely popular, volleyball.

Whether through conversations and discussions, or sports and games, the young adults were able to connect and interact in meaningful ways, something which has not always been possible in this era of ZOOM calls and social distancing.

While the retreat was light on lectures and educational content, there were opportunities in which our fellow young adults shared their personal “reflections” on life, faith and spirituality. These “reflections” provided attendees with food for thought in these trying times, while also being inspiring and relatable.

An important takeaway brought up in one of these reflections was the concept of “home church”; an idea often spoke about by Rev. Sun Myung Moon. Participants discussed the challenges of being part of a spiritual community in the modern era and how the idea of “home church” can be incredibly valuable in our personal spiritual journey and the growth of our community.  

The weekend demonstrated the value of being able to gather physically in one place and how it is essential in being able to build bonds with one another and grow a spiritual community.

For more information on our young adult community and to keep updated on future grassroots initiatives, please visit the Young Adults Grassroots Initiatives UK Facebook page.

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