“Paradigms” Online ZOOM Workshop By William Haines Now Free

We are happy to announce that this inspiring workshop is now FREE

After some consideration and in light of the current global pandemic we feel it is more important that ever that we are able to come together online to understand, engage with and challenge the prevailing and dominant paradigm which we are all exposed to.

Thus we do not wish to hamper the attendance of anyone wishing to attend and develop an alternative way of looking at things, which can solve the problems of today.

Join us in the last three weekends of October through Zoom to listen to and discuss with William Haines, as he shares his personal insights and convictions, and how True Parents’ teachings relate to such matters. Warning: This content may shift your paradigms.

“In the new dispensation, there are only victims and oppressors, and if you are not on the side of the victims, you must be an oppressor. That is the moral blackmail currently used to curtail freedom of speech…” 

– Johnathan Sacks – Morality

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