3rd Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community Peace Festival

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Sunday 3rd October at 00:30am

PEACE BLESSING – Information from EUME Blessed Family Department

We received an update from the International Blessed Family Department in Korea about participation in the Peace Blessing. They informed us that they would like to see as many eligible married couples as possible in this Blessing. Ideally, they should fulfill the 7 steps required to qualify as one of our 43 couples. However, if they have not completed all the requirements, they can still participate but will be registered as a HTM Blessed couple.

Information on the Peace Blessing

  • 3rd October morning time in Korea (KST) – early morning in Europe (approx. 1 or 2am BST)
  • Participants: married couples and single persons 60+
  • Participation in local churches through live broadcast with two-way streaming.

Guidelines to Receive the Blessing with 7 steps

Below you can find the qualifications to complete the 7 steps. In general, all our candidates should be guided to make a new commitment with the Blessing (CIG Standard). In the process it is important to educate the candidates about this commitment.

New Commitment with the Blessing (CIG standard)

  • Blessing candidates must be committed to keeping the Blessing for eternity – to love his/her spouse and build a God-centered family together.
  • They should be willing to lead a life of public service after the Blessing.
  • They should be committed to maintain their purity/fidelity and pass this tradition on to their children. Any mistakes in the sexual area should be resolved prior to the matching and Blessing.

Qualifications for Married Couples (completing 7 steps) and Single Person 60+:

  • Education in DP, TP life and meaning of the Blessing
  • Making a new commitment with the Blessing

The Blessing should be a new start for every participant and a new commitment in front of God and True Parents. It is important to guide the candidates well and to explain the CIG standard to them, so that they aim to raise their families according to this standard as well.

  • Each candidate should understand the meaning of the Holy Wine, Holy Water, Blessing prayer, Blessing Vows and Stick Ceremony
  • Each couple should understand the meaning of the 40-day separation period starting immediately after the Blessing
  • The couple should understand the meaning of the 3-day ceremony
  • The previously married couples should be legally married
  • Optional: 3 days fast or 7-day breakfast fast or 7-day HDH condition
  • Each couple / candidate should offer the HTM Blessing offering according to the EUME standard. The offering can be paid to the European Office.

(It is a good condition for each candidate to pay the Blessing offering themselves)

Information for Single Person 60+

A single person 60+ candidate is someone who is single, widowed or divorced and is willing to receive the Blessing once they are in Spirit World with the condition that they live a life without a partner on earth. After receiving this conditional Blessing, this person can receive a Seonghwa ceremony and counts as part of your HTM tribe as one of the 43 couples. This person does not have to receive the stick ceremony or go through the 40-day separation or 3-day ceremony. This category does not include re-Blessing candidates.

Please note: 1st and 2nd generation matching candidates and inter-generational couples can NOT participate in this Peace Blessing.

Registration for the Peace Blessing:

Please register all your Blessing candidates through this link: Register HERE. One registration per couple / single 60+ person. Including those married couples who cannot fulfill all qualifications.

Registration deadline is 20th September 2021.

We will get back to you with further information on how to prepare the Blessing ceremony once we receive an overview of all the registrations.  We are still waiting on further details from Korea about the Blessing ceremony.

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions:

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