Prominent Leaders Attend World Summit 2022

World Summit 2022 brought together heads of state, former U.S. officials and other dignitaries both virtually and in-person to promote world peace.

Organised by the Universal Peace Federation [UPF], the World Summit 2022 rally brought together heads of state, former U.S. officials and a host of other dignitaries both virtually and at an in-person program held in Seoul, South Korea.

The event was created in order to promote world peace and mobilise hope behind efforts to end the North Korean nuclear crisis and the decades-old divisive conflict between North and South Korea.

Most notably, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, former Vice President Mike Pence and other officials addressed the summit in Seoul. Former President Trump, among others, delivered pre-recorded video addresses.

Mr. Pompeo delivered a powerful speech at the rally where he offered a harsh critique of China’s leadership and the lengths to which it went to hide the COVID-19 outbreak, which subsequently spread around the globe, killing millions.

The former top U.S. diplomat sought to draw a link between Beijing’s handling of the health crisis and its fundamental opposition to the concepts of peace and freedom that eventually may lead to the reunification of the Korean peninsula.  

He asked: “This virus was foisted upon the world by a Communist Party that refused to do the divinely right thing in the moment. It put its own citizens on planes knowing that they were contagious. What conception of humanity finds this remotely decent or acceptable?”

“What vision of a higher power justifies such wanton diminution of the value of each human life? This is, ladies and gentlemen, not about the Chinese people. It’s about this entity and its leaders, the challenges it presents to those of us who seek peace and harmony in our world,” he said.

“This Communist Party can’t tolerate why we’re here today,” Mr. Pompeo said.

Former President Donald Trump delivered a recorded video message. He said his diplomacy with North Korea, including his three in-person meetings with the country’s leader, Kim Jong-un, helped lay the groundwork for eventual reunification.

He said: “We have planted the seeds of peace and cooperation, and now we must let them bloom and grow just like a giant tree,

“To waste that chance would be a profound tragedy.”

Mr. Trump went on to blast the Biden administration for its handling of North Korea. He said Pyongyang’s spate of major missile tests underscores its lack of respect for current leaders in Washington.

A range of prominent political figures and current world leaders participated in the weekend summit, including Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari, Albanian President Ilir Meta, Senegalese President Macky Sall and former European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso.

Mr. Pence and other speakers praised the on-going work of Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon and her efforts for world peace and unification.

Mr. Pence and Mr. Pompeo both expressed optimism for the Korean Peninsula.

“Based on the progress that I saw under the Trump-Pence administration, I remain supremely confident that a brighter future is on the horizon for the United States, for the people of the Korean Peninsula, the Asia-Pacific and the world,” Mr. Pence said.

He continued: “No oppressive regime can last forever,

“For inside every human heart is an unquenchable fire that burns to be free. Inside every human soul is an insatiable desire for freedom.”

A unified Korea, Mr. Pompeo said, is within reach. He said: “The moment for reunification will happen,

 “That day will come.”

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