Read About Last Week’s HARP Easter Workshop!

Last week, HARP-UK held an online Easter workshop for those aged between 12 to 18 in our community. The following is a brief summary of how the workshop unfolded and what the participants got up to!

“At the beginning of April, HARP UK hosted an online Easter workshop – the first of 2021! Despite our current climate, we still wanted to give HARP members a chance to connect, learn, and just have fun with each other.

The workshop was 4 days long with a schedule was packed with lectures, testimonies as well as interactive and thoughtful activities.

The motto of the workshop was “See the pattern, be the change, shape our future”; it revolved around the importance of noticing the parallels in our lives and how they can affect us, but more importantly how to learn and grow from what we observe.

The workshop followed the layout of the four great realms of hearts and many of our participants enjoyed learning about the realms as each day was used to explain a different realm of heart.

The content was delivered from knowledgeable and diverse lecturers. We also had a range of activities; one included evaluating how much of a good friend they are to their peers, and how they can all constantly work and develop a stronger bond through rating their abilities from 1-10 of trust, communication, etc. on a round chart, this helped the HARPies to visualise how they can develop their characters as people as well as being a better friend.

Another activity revolved around having a bit of fun talking, laughing, all while making wonderful pieces of art worthy of exhibiting in the V&A… well okay, in the end it was just some oddly shaped sculptures of their team members from homemade dough!

Overall after reading our HARP member’s feedback it seems as they could connect and enjoy each other’s company even from afar. We look forward now to the time when we can all finally be together in person!” – Cha-Eun Lall, HARP Leader.

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