You Are Invited to the Peace Road 2022 in Berlin!

Tuesday 26th to Friday 29th July in Berlin, Germany

We are happy to invite you to the Peace Road 2022 in Berlin from the 26th till the 29th of July.

Peace Road 2022 will be held on the anniversary day of the Armistice that settled the division of the Korean Peninsula (July 27, 1953) and commemorate the tenth year of the launch of the global Peace Road movement.

We will hold an International Conference on July 26th at the Humboldt University on the theme “Prospects for Peace in Ukraine – Hard lessons from a divided Korea”. We only have limited space for this event and therefore invite especially the national representatives of YSP and UPF for this event.

The Peace Rally will be held on July 27th in front of the Brandenburg Gate, at 11:00 CET on the theme: “Don’t Let Ukraine become another Korea!” Everybody is welcomed to attend this rally. From the Brandenburg Gate we will start a Peace Road bicycle tour and a Peace Road Cruise through Berlin.

On the 28th and 29th, there will be a special Peace Road event with a bicycle tour following the German-Polish Border. It is our wish that the peaceful reunification of former eastern and western Europe can send a signal of hope and peace for the unification process of North and South Korea and to end the Ukrainian-Russian War.

Please register as soon as possible. This will help us very much in organizing the different events. Please take care of your accommodation by yourself. There are plenty of youth hostels, hotels of all categories in Berlin. However, we advise an early booking of your accommodation, as Berlin is one of the most visited cities in Europe.

We are very pleased that Yeon Ah Nim together with her children will participate in this event. We have held the successful Rally against the Berlin Wall together with Hyo Jin Nim 35 years ago. Now we are asked again to raise our voices to stop the war in Europe and for a peaceful unification on the Korean Peninsula.

We will keep you informed about possible changes of the program. We look very much forward to meet you in Berlin this July .

Dieter and Ana S.
National President FFWPU Germany

“Berlin Will Always Have A Special Place in Our Hearts”Planning the Peace Road 2022

– written by Dr Michael Balcomb

Last weekend, Fumiko and I were back in Berlin to finalize the plans for Peace Road 2022, True Parents’ innovative grassroots project to break down borders and barriers between people and nations, and turn enemies into friends. On 27th July, the Peace Road worldwide kickoff will be in Berlin. Plans include a UPF conference at Humboldt University; a boisterous peace rally at the Brandenburg Gate; Peace Bike Rides and Marches, a visit to the East Side Gallery, one of the few remaining sections of the Wall, and a Peace Boat Cruise, and more.

Berlin will always have a special place in our hearts. The Berlin CARP Convention of 1987 was a significant milestone in the history of the European CARP student movement and a high-water mark in the life and work of the late Hyo Jin Moon, eldest son of True Parents and first president of World CARP. The 1987 CARP Convention in Berlin had everything: a rousing rally at the Berlin Wall; violent counter protests from leftist students and communist sympathizers, media attention, police protection, and more. Like most others who attended, I had an unforgettable experience. Even more memorable because our eldest child was born on July 27th, just the day before it all began.

35 years later to the day, we are all going back to Berlin. Hyo Jin Nim’s two sons, Shin Won and Shin Chul will be attending and walking in their father’s footsteps. CARP members and youth leaders will gather from all over Europe. Although the Peace Road focus always includes the quest for the reunification of Korea, this year the war between Russia and Ukraine is first and foremost in everyone’s minds.

Join us.

Be part of the Peace Road.

Register here…

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