Schedule of Events Celebrating True Parents’ Birthday and Foundation Day in February

Victory Celebration for the Summit for Peace on the Korean Peninsula

Monday 14th February from 11:30pm GMT

Two-Way Participation:

The fifth and final event will need your early morning attendance on the big video wall.

First some rehearsal with instructions given, followed by actual start by midnight (tonight) with special report, celebration, cake cutting, HDH, True Parents’ Message, and more.

The GOOROOMEE room link for the EUME region is:

Translation into various languages will be available.

Donations of Gratitude:

Last month, Dr Michael Balcomb sent out a letter to the EUME region announcing the above upcoming events, as well as the suggested donations for True Parents’ Birthday & Foundation Day and for the Unification Fund. The deadline to send your donation is the end of February.

Here is a reminder of the amounts:

True Parents’ Birthday & Foundation Day:

  • £85 for individuals
  • £155 for families

Unification Fund:

  • £150 per FFWPU household (individual or family) for the “regular level” donation
  • £770 per FFWPU household (individual or family) for the “higher level” donation. Those able to contribute at this level will receive a pin / badge / medallion of appreciation.
  • £20 per person for UPF Ambassadors of Peace and other members of the Holy Community who would like to support the cause.

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