Sending Our Condolences To The Royal Family

On behalf of FFWPU-UK, Dr Balcomb has written a letter to Her Majesty the Queen and the Royal Family expressing our condolences following the passing of Prince Philip last week. 

The following is an extract from the letter: 

“We know you will miss him terribly after 73 years of marriage and of dedicated public service together. We have always been moved and grateful for the example that you and he set in your dedication to the British people, our country, and above all, to God.

You may not be familiar with the Family Federation, formerly known as the Unification Church. 50 years ago, in December 1971, you and Prince Philip were kind enough to greet the Little Angels of Korea, also founded by Rev. and Mrs. Moon, during their first visit to the United Kingdom for a Royal Variety Performance that year.

Rev. Moon passed away in 2012, but for many years Mrs. (Mother) Moon has often expressed a desire to meet you and express her thanks and appreciation for your steadfast service. leadership and moral example. She believes that the United Kingdom is a nation especially blessed by God to a great purpose to serve and save the world. Like all Koreans, she is eternally grateful for the sacrifice of British soldiers during the Korean War that helped ensure that South Korea would remain free, and even today she longs for her nation’s reunification.”

Read the full letter by downloading the PDF below – 

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