Seonghwa Caring Ministry: End of Life Preparation Webinar

Friday 27th May at 7:30pm

Most of our 1st generation members are approaching their 70’s or are already in their 70’s, 80’s or even 90 years old. As 1st generation, we are all becoming aware that we are coming closer to the time when we will be transitioning to our new life in the spiritual world. This is an important time for us to reflect on our life, make some preparations and put our affairs in order. What will be our legacy? How can we minimise the tasks left to our children and families after we depart? Should we write a Will giving clear instructions on our various wishes?

The Seonghwa Caring Ministry would like to offer you the opportunity to listen to the testimonies of those who went through the experience of dealing with the end of life of their loved ones and what advice they can give us. There will also be a short mention of writing a Will, the Power of Attorney, Living Will and more.

We would like to invite you to a webinar on ‘End of Life Preparation’ on Friday 27th May, starting at 7.30pm.

Please let us know if you would be interested to attend by emailing us at We will then send you the link to the webinar.

“We are born in love, receive love, give love, and go to the world of love. We return to God. The resultant being returns to the causal being” – True Father

Looking forward to hearing from you,

The Seonghwa Caring Ministry Team*

*Please note that at one of our committee meetings on 17th March we decided to add the term “Caring” to our ministry. Besides helping with the preparation of the Seonghwa ceremony, we want to also offer aftercare and support to anyone going through difficulties after bereavement, and more.

For more information about the Seonghwa Caring Ministry, please contact us at:, visit the FFWPU UK website or visit our Facebook page.

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