Reflections on “The Bereavement Journey”

– written by Francoise M.

Bereavement does not stop after the Seonghwa and Won Jeon ceremonies, it goes well beyond. It is a life changing experience which takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions. To support our bereaved brothers and sisters and help them to move forward, the Seonghwa Ministry held a bereavement course facilitated by Franklin Fortune and Matthew Huish. The course called: ‘The Bereavement Journey’ was created by Holy Trinity Brompton, a Christian organisation. It consists of 6 sessions covering: looking at loss, the pain of grief – how it feels and how to deal with it, coping with change, going forward and the last session is on faith questions.

Five sisters took part in the course. All acknowledged that it was a valuable experience which gave them the opportunity to be listened to, reflect on their feelings, and find ways to move forward.  

Valuable course. It is still fresh for me. I realise people are getting on with their life and do not ask me anymore how I am doing so it was good to speak in a small group in a safe space.” – Anonymous

I found the course interesting.  I would say that it was a difficult experience rather than a good one. I felt very loved, supported, and accepted and found it easy to express my feelings honestly.” – Jennifer

I appreciated to listen to everyone who went through a similar experience than me. It was not always easy for me to speak about what I went through. Some are more affected than others depending how strong the connection of love existed with the one who ascended.” – Toyoko

I enjoyed the course. The booklet was useful. Before each session I would look at it and was inspired by many of the quotes, as well as by the pointer to a variety of resources. The course brought to me some thoughts about bereavement that I had not entertained before and so, it was a particularly good eye-opener.” – Annerose

Overall a good experience. I thought that I had moved on, but I realised that I had still a lot of unresolved emotions inside. Being able to speak about it helped me to look at it and make progress in dealing with my pains. Being together with members who share the same experience was healing and comforting.” – Françoise

Our common concern was that the last session on ‘Faith questions’ gave a Christian view on life after death which was not satisfactory for us. We all wished that next time the course could include our own faith perspective on the topic.

Many thanks to Franklin and Matthew for facilitating the course and giving us the opportunity to share with one and other. We learned a lot and became much closer to each other.

We are planning to hold another Bereavement course sometime in May.

For more information about the Seonghwa Ministry, please visit our webpage:

Françoise M.
Seonghwa Ministry, Coordinator

The Seonghwa Ministry is offering The Bereavement Journey, a 6-session course developed by Holy Trinity Brompton, for anyone who has been bereaved and/or is dealing with grief.

In the words of Holy Trinity Brompton: “By means of a series of films and discussion groups the course gently guides bereaved people through the most common aspects of grief, enabling them to process the implications for themselves and discern next steps.”

You will be guided on a well-structured, spiritual and emotional journey. Franklin and Matthew will facilitate the course, which includes talks and small discussion groups. 

Details of the Course:

Date: Friday evenings, January 8, 15 and 22, February 5, 12 and 19

Time: 7.30pm – 9.30pm

Price: £20 for 6 sessions including a workbook 

Participants must commit to taking part in the whole course.

Please register with Francoise M. We hope the Seonghwa Ministry can serve you through this initiative.

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