Seonghwa Preparation

Preparing For Our Ascension

Leaving clear instructions regarding our wishes and helping our family.

Internal and Spiritual Preparation:

  • Communicate well with our family and prepare them for the time we may ascend.
  • Tell our family about our specific wishes for our Seonghwa ceremony. Leave clear instructions on how and where we wish to be buried.
  • Prepare a good photo of ourselves and write our eulogy. Our eulogy will give us an opportunity to convey the way we wish to be remembered and express repentance for some aspects of our life.
  • Keep our holy items (holy robe, handkerchief, and earth from Korea) in a safe place known to someone.
  • Clear up any bad or difficult feelings towards others. Forgive those who have hurt us and reconcile with those we have hurt.
  • Write our biography. True Father advises our members to write their bio for the sake of future generations. We were blessed to have met and supported our True Parents when they were on the earth. Our testimonies are a valuable witness to this special time in God’s providence.
  • Liberate and bless our ancestors as much as we can and choose to.


Practical Preparation:

  • Store our financial information, passwords and any important legal papers in a specific place known to your family.
  • Think about downsizing bit by bit to make it easy for our family. It will give us the opportunity to decide what to do with certain items and who to leave them with.
  • Write a Will to designate who will inherit our belongings and money. If we don’t have many assets like properties or complicated family relations, we can write our own will, but it needs to be authenticated by 2 witnesses. WHSmith sells a pack to guide you on how to write our own Will. If we have properties and complicated family relations, we will need to get a solicitor. The government policy is that all our assets and belongings will be divided equally among our children.
  • Power of Attorney may be helpful in the latest stage of our life to allow someone we trust to make financial decisions on our behalf in the eventuality of our loss of mental capacities
  • Living Will is another legal document that lets us outline our healthcare preferences in case we are simply not able to communicate them.
  • Make arrangement at the bank for our family or a trusted person to have access to our bank account to pay for our funeral and other expenses needed for our family to move on.
  • Organ donor. Be aware that according to a recent law, from March 2020, our organs will be donated after we pass on unless we decide to ‘opt out’.


This is a useful website from Age UK which gives information about practical advice regarding making a will, power of attorney, financial support, living wills, what to do when someone dies and coping with bereavement: