Simran R. Shares About Her Time At Cleeve House And Shakespeare Live

Simran R. has recently spent some time volunteering at Cleeve House and she encourages members to get involved with our historic property.  

I see Cleeve House almost as my spiritual home. I’ve been attending workshops there since I was eight, but there’s photos of me and my brothers at as young as three or four playing on the back steps with my grandmother at Annual Gathering. 

Needless to say I feel a sense of ownership over the house. When I was asked to help out with the Shakespeare Live event, I knew I wanted to say yes. I find that whatever ‘work’ you do at Cleeve House, you can usually gain as much, if not more, than you intend to give.

My main responsibility was baking and selling cakes to the audience, it didn’t feel like work at all! Food just so happens to be one of my favourite love languages. Every-time someone enjoyed one of my cakes, it made me so happy. What started out as a retreat for myself to get out of London for a bit, became almost a mission for me to give these people as positive an experience as possible, like the countless precious memories I have at Cleeve House myself.

I spent my last day walking around the grounds, it’s changed a lot over the years. But when it’s full of happy people, it looks as beautiful as ever. I hope that one day my children will be able to come here and experience the same thing.

My thanks go to the Claxtons for working so tirelessly to keep the place running. Their work ethic and love for Cleeve House is truly inspiring.

If you have a chance to come down and help in any way that suits your skillset, or are willing to even try something new, I highly recommend!” – Simran R.

If you want to get involved with activities happening at Cleeve House, or want to book a staycation at the property, please contact:

And for more information on Shakespeare Live, please visit: 

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