Sunhak Institute of History – True Parents’ Life Course Education Website

The Sunhak Institute of History, a national institution of Cheon Il Guk, has been consistently fulfilling its mission such as to compile True Parents’ words and True Parents’ life course, to collect and preserve historical materials related to the history of Cheon Il Guk’s providence, and to produce educational contents.

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the founding of the institute last year, its website was launched in English and Japanese for True Parents’ life course education for the members of our movement around the world in April of this year.

The website provides the three volumes of the Cheon Il Guk Scripture and the most significant words of True Parents in ebooks.

In particular, through the True Parents’ chronology, one can look up and utilize the data on the major providential events related to True Parents by date, and can browse the words, photos, memorabilia, and related materials for each entry.

It also provides various educational contents related to the True Parents’ life course and history of the providence, such as standard lecture plans and lecture videos, so that our brothers and sisters across the globe can make use of the website as a platform to learn about the providence of Cheon Il Guk and True Parents better.

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