True Father’s Autobiography Is Being Recorded By His Son Kwon Jin Moon On Godible

Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s son, Kwon Jin Moon has started reading and recording “As A Peace-Loving Global Citizen” on Godible. Read along with us at Kwon Jin Moon, Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s son, has begun recording readings from True Father’s autobiography: “As A Peace-Loving Global Citizen”. The recordings are available to listen to on […]

Featured Book: As A Peace-Loving Global Citizen

This week’s reading is of Part 8 Chapter 5: “Dreaming of a Peaceful World” Read by Henry Masters The recordings are also available on Spotify, iTunes and Google Podcast. All you need to do is search “Peace-Loving Global Citizen” on any of those platforms and it’s quite easy to find. People with Apple devices may […]