Cosmic Blessing Ceremony in April

We would like to inform you about the following details concerning the upcoming Cosmic Blessing, which will take place on Sunday 25th April at 1am BST. The venue will be the Cheongshim Peace World Center for those participants who are in Korea, or via live-webcast in local churches approved by the BFD EUME (to be announced). […]

Building Our Blessing – Special Interactive Webinar #2

Organised by BFD EUME for officially matched 1st Generation and Blessed Children couples Tuesday 23rd February at 6pm GMT Dear Matched Couples, The BFD EUME is happy to invite you to the second event of “Building our Blessing”, a series of events with the purpose to support all you matched couples in your preparation for […]

Special Needs Parents’ Matching Webinar

Matching Support Webinar for Parents and Matching Supporters of Young Adults with Special Needs The purpose of this webinar is to support CIG parents in the task of matching their children, as True Parents have passed this responsibility unto them. INVITED are: Parents of SN children of matching age (18+ years) and matching supporters. The […]