Cosmic Blessing Ceremony in April 2022

UPDATE – 7/3: Dear Blessing Candidates, We have just received the information that there is a possibility to travel to Korea and receive the Blessing on the 16th of April 2022 directly from True Mother. We know that it is an amazing opportunity to receive the Blessing directly from True Mother but we also understand […]

This Week In Our History: The 1,275 International Couple Blessing

As we well and truly move into 2022, we would like to introduce a new article series titled “This Week In Our History”, where we look back on significant events in the history of our movement. We begin this new series by taking a look back on the 1,275 International Couple Blessing, which was held […]

Matching & Blessing Workshop: Internal and Practical Guidance

Best Foot Forward: New Start. Next Steps. Saturday 19th, Sunday 20th and Saturday 26th February We are happy to invite you to an international online workshop on the topic of internal and practical guidance for the Matching & Blessing. The Blessing is not just a ceremony to get through; it is a lifestyle which we […]